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December 6, 2022
January 30, 2023


The season of gifting is here, and if you think the perfect present does not exist, you have not met Catherine Schulze.

With an innate eye for design and detail, the Beck Family Hospitality Managing Director is our gifting go-to guru. The team recently picked her creative brain for her top 12 gift ideas to show gratitude for your nearest and dearest this festive season.

This year, Catherine’s Christmas present catalogue is all about gifting with intention and creating lasting moments. Moreover, each brand on Catherine’s list is proudly South African.

Setamono Chopsticks and Incense

I am in awe of Japanese design and respect the quiet refinement and meticulousness that runs through their craftsmanship. No matter the item, everything is considered down to the tool that you use to savour your sushi, adding that extra layer of preciousness to life’s moments. Setamono’s Chopsticks are iconic gifts with which to do just that.

I love a beautiful setting, and scents are an understated yet vital part of creating one. Setamono Incense is a captivating gift with the ability to set a scene, a feeling, and a tone for all the get-togethers this Christmas.

Available at Setamono

La Roche Apparel – Hooded Towel

My book club girls are brilliant about going for sunrise sea swims in Kalk Bay, no matter the season. I have committed to joining them come the new year, and La Roche Apparel’s 100% cotton hooded towels are the extra motivation I need to embrace the chilly, early morning plunges. I can change elegantly right on the beach and head straight for a post-swim warm-up coffee in style!

Available at La Roche Apparel

Awehness – Gym Apparel

Awehness is a fantastic brand that is certain to inspire you to slip on your trainers and get outdoors to relish the summer sunshine, from biking to hiking the trails carved out of the 300-hectare Steenberg Farm. These high-performance leggings come in beautiful colours and offer excellent support, no matter your shape or size, to boost body positivity. AND I love the nifty leg pocket detail for your phone, cash, or card.

Available at Awehness

Flower Cartel – Packets of Seeds

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by beautiful gardens, both at home and at work. These floral spaces nurture an enormous amount of joy. A packet of seeds from Flower Cartel is a lovely gesture because it is a way to share this terrific feeling. These seed packets also make for great stocking fillers and send an apt message of growth for the new year.

Available at Flower Cartel

Crystal Birch – Summer Hats – Green Beret

You’re instantly transported to a Parisian promenade in a Breton sweater when you wear a Crystal Birch Beret. The Cape Town-based milliner is hat heaven, but since it is my favourite shade, the Green Beret has caught my eye and would pair perfectly with summer picnics and garden parties.

Available at Crystal Birch

Pedersen + Lennard – Hosepipe Holder

Pedersen + Lennard’s hosepipe holder is an excellent example of what it means to marry form and function. I’ve got a pink hosepipe (from Builder’s Warehouse in Tokai) on a vintage green holder that has added stylish flair to my courtyard. So, if your hosepipe is lying around and you are tired of looking at it, this is a superb gift go-to that you and your partner are guaranteed to adore.

Available at Pedersen + Lennard

Ida Elsje Jewellery – Earrings

If you’ve been good this year, and I mean really good, put Ida Elsje earrings at the top of your Christmas list. The South African atelier makes these exquisite statement pieces from a selection of precious and semi-precious gems. They are a super-special forever gift and ideal to pair with the green Crystal Birch Beret.

Available at Ida Elsje Jewellery

Folha – Succulent Arrangement

A year ago, succulents were never on my radar until my sister gifted me a collection of beautiful outdoor pots, and I filled them with an assortment of exquisite succulents from Folha. Folha is an absolute feast for your eyes, and what I love the most about them is that they offer to pot your selection of plants in a pot of your choosing, and I think that’s a lovely experience to gift somebody.

Available at Folha

cat & i – Cat Bow

It’s your cat’s Christmas as well! I have discovered great delight in finding a little patterned cotton bow on cat & i for my fabulous feline. Now she can be fashionably festive too.

Available at cat & i

ARRANGE Studio – Lamps

Lighting. Another essential element when it comes to creating a beautiful atmosphere. In our recent refurbishments, I made sure we designed a room that one of these works of art would complement.

Available at ARRANGE Studio

Books – Rebel Homemaker by Drew Barrymore; STILL by Natalie Walton

There’s always a coffee table book on my Christmas list, and this year, Drew Barrymore’s Rebel Homemaker – packed with delightful recipes interspersed with stories of her lifeis at the top because I so resonate with Drew Barrymore’s authenticity and appetite for life. Moreover, the book is pastel pink making it a terrific addition to your décor!

Also on my book list is STILL by Natalie Walton – a visual interiors book exploring slow movement and sustainable living for a better life. Support local bookshops in Cape Town and find these two page-turners at The Book Lounge and Pezula Interiors.

For the Love of Silk – Silk Eye Masks

In a search for the perfect eight-hour sleep, this trusted eye mask has been a must for me and all of my friends. With For the Love of Silk eye masks, feel fresh, rejuvenated, and radiant.

Available at For the Love of Silk

From these treasures, I hope you find something to bring joy and delight to your loved ones this festive season!