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Steenberg Cellar @ Home Tasting Selection: The Classic Tasting
May 26, 2020

Steenberg Cellar @ Home Tasting Selection: The Flagship Tasting

R1,520.00 R1,216.00

Launch Price: R 1,216 for 6 bottles

Retail Value: R 1,520 for 6 bottles

Rediscover the memories of your favourite wine tasting with Steenberg Cellar @ Home, a tasting room experience in the comfort of your home with a variety of wines available in mixed-case selections.

The Flagship Tasting includes:

  • Steenberg 1682 Pinot Noir Méthode Cap Classique x 1 bottle
  • Steenberg The Black Swan Sauvignon Blanc x 1 bottle
  • Steenberg Semillon x 1 bottle
  • Steenberg Nebbiolo x 1 bottle
  • Steenberg Catharina Red Blend x 1 bottle
  • Steenberg Constantia Natural Sweet x 1 bottle


Your tasting selection will include a QR code on the box and inside the box. Scan this QR code to access exclusive tasting videos. These videos feature a selection of personnel from Steenberg who will guide you through your tasting, just as if you were at the farm.

You will also receive a tasting booklet which will give you all the wine details you need in the palm of your hand.



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