Steenberg underwent extensive soil and micro-climatic analyses before a complete replanting programme was begun. There are 59.5ha under vine of which 70% is white: Sauvignon Blanc (64% of total plantings) and Semillon. The red varieties are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Malbec. The farm is also one of only a handful in the Cape to have invested in the red Italian variety Nebbiolo.

From an initial 2000 cases, Steenberg Vineyards now produces over 40 000 cases per annum, with a maximum capacity of 70 000 cases.

Steenberg can capitalise on its uniqueness due to:

  • Macro Climate: Mild temperature, cool breeze from the sea, reliable winter rainfall, good exposition to sunlight.
  • Meso Climate: Southern-eastern slopes, variety of altitudes ranging from 60m to 160m, proximity to ocean.
  • Micro Climate: Moderate plant growth, canopy management, soil ranging from low vigour to high potential types.
  • Geographic Placement: Close to the city and harbour.
  • Ideal Soils: Lean soils of decomposed granite which help to hold water and contribute to the distinctive minerality of our wines.

The philosophy is that the "wines are grown in the vineyard and then cared for in the winery". Special attention was therefore placed in obtaining the very best and latest known clones and matched to the correct soils and slopes.

Environmentally considerate farming practices are employed as far as possible, with the help of non-toxic, natural formulas of pest control, and the employment of natural predators for help in keeping the grapes as healthy as possible.